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“Maremma” is one of the last wide Italian territories in Tuscany, located in the Province of Grosseto. It is rich in landscapes, open spaces, countrysides and forests, flora and fauna, traditions as well as gastronomy. Unfortunately it is being swamped by a “concrete flow” of industrial and semi-industrial actions, which will completely misrepresent it, by depriving the future of its community of environments, ecosystems and agro-ecosystems which are getting increasingly precious, and replacing them with artificial sterilized and mineralized industrial areas.

The current President of Grosseto district council announces that «the land will be changed from “exclusive” to “prevailing agricultural function”».

One of the first consequences is the liberalization of ninety percent of agricultural land for the installation of PV on the ground (with subsequent change of intended use from agricultural into industrial) and destination of new farmlands as industrial settlement.

We strongly condemn the land consumption perpetrated by the local governments. (see here)

As a symbolic case we report what is happening around the little village of Braccagni at the foot of the medieval town of Montepescali (15 km North from the city of Grosseto).

All these areas subject to urban transformation are not only fertile soils representing an integral part of the “Maremma” landscape, but are the sites where it was detected a huge quantity of archaeological material, dating back the Archaic period from the Etruscan and Roman times up to the late Middle Ages.

Therefore we urge all people with common sense to join this call and help us spread what is happening in “Maremma”. To stop further concrete flow and the destruction of a landscape that is an expression of deep cultural identity (see Landscape Convention Council of Europe) and agricultural land, which is essential to our survival.

This is a call so that “Maremma” we all know and love, can preserve its integrity and identity, protect the roots founding the culture and history of its people, and “live” fully in harmony with nature.


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